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Golf gloves for many are an integral part of golf equipment providing much needed grip throughout the swing helping to hit fantastic shots time and time again. With advances in technology golf gloves also provide superb feel throughout the swing, not just grip and we have a wide variety of gloves to suit your needs.

A Brief History of the Golf Glove

Golf Gloves were not always so popular and took a long time to get established in the sport as a must have accessory like we see today. The first gloves to make an appearance in the game were spotted as early as the 1900’s and looked very different to the gloves of today! These early golf gloves tended to be fingerless and indeed backless accessories and it took decades before the golf glove took off and other players started to see the benefits of wearing one.

By the 1930’s gloves began to be used by top touring professionals on the circuit and one of the biggest stars of the time, Sam Snead was an avid user of the golf glove helping him win many times and perform to his very best. It was only by around the 1960’s that golf gloves were proving to be extremely popular thanks to improved technologies and manufacturing and it was more the norm to be seen using a glove and a rarity not to be.

Of course nowadays the Golf Glove has evolved considerably and the research and development put into providing you more comfort and grip is considerable to say the least. Tour Pro’s across the world demand the best in glove technology to help them win and you should be no different. The latest gloves to hit the market include incredible features such as Magnetic Ball Markers, the thinnest leathers and incredible durability and performance for all types of conditions and budgets so make sure you take advantage of this essential piece of golf equipment by treating yourself to a glove.

Benefits of wearing a Golf Glove

There are many benefits to wearing a golf glove; these include providing exceptional protection from the elements but notably ensuring your hand (or hands if you wish to wear a pair) are protected from calluses and hard, painful skin that can be caused from repeated practice or indeed tension in your hold. A golf glove does of course provide much more traction for your hold during your swing which will only help increase your level of performance. The smallest benefit is of course style, gloves come in many different styles and colours and are a great way to finish off that stunning outfit you have in mind for your Saturday medal round.

Gloves should be fitted tight yet comfortable however not pinching the skin or making your fingers feel cramped inside. Golf gloves will generally stretch a little over time so a tight fitting glove where there is no sag over the palm is a must.

Golf Glove Types

There are varying types of gloves to consider when selecting one to use. Leather gloves provide undoubtedly the best feel throughout the swing with their thin layer make up whilst all-weather gloves consisting of a leather/synthetic mix provide a much more solid feeling but durable, longer lasting performing glove which gives you excellent value for money.

Golf Mittens

We also have in stock a selection of winter gloves such as winter pairs which keep your hands warm but perform brilliantly when being used to hit the ball. These gloves are a god send to many hardened golfers that brave the frosty fairways through the winter months and we also have stock of winter mittens. Winter mittens cannot be used to play in, though provide great protection from the elements between shots whilst walking to your ball or waiting to play your shot. These gloves come with fleece linings to keep your fingers toasty warm ready for action.

Golf Gloves UK

With stock from leading golf glove manufacturers such as Footjoy, TaylorMade and Wilson among others, we have a superb choice for you and the very latest up to date styles to choose from.

More and more golfers wear gloves nowadays on their leading hand (the hand nearest the target) and if you have never tried wearing one we strongly recommend you give one a try, we think you will be suitably impressed with the grip achieved and the protection you get from abrasion on your hands through the golf swing.

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Our safe and secure checkout process will make it easy for you to purchase the right golf glove however if you would like more help in either selecting the right glove or the checkout process please do not hesitate to call one of our Qualified PGA Experts who will take you through the checkout process over the telephone.