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Golf Drivers

Golf Drivers are the one golf club we all love because primarily they give us the opportunity to hit the golf ball as far as we can and nowadays are jam packed with technology and advertised as the club that will transform your golf game. Drivers are used to primarily tee off with on longer yardage holes, for example a par 4 or par 5 hole. These tend to be the longest golf club in your bag and also the lightest to help you increase your swing speed, clubhead speed and overall distance you can achieve.

A Brief History of the Golf Driver

Today’s multi-material lightweight, high-strength Drivers looked very different pre 1980’s when most Drivers were made from a hardwood material and technology was limited. Persimmon was generally used and this is where the term “woods” comes from as wooden Drivers were the only choice available to golfers worldwide. However the first introduction of Metal being used in Driver design came when leading manufacturer TaylorMade introduced the Pittsburgh Persimmon Tour Driver in late 1979

In the last thirty years or so since metal was introduced Drivers have changed dramatically with COG (Centre of Gravity) MOI (Moment of Inertia) Clubhead CC, Launch Angles, Spin Rates becoming more and more familiar terms to even the average golfer. Technology has engulfed the Drivers of today and there is an incredible amount of research and development by leading brands to ensure you pick their product for that coveted place in your golf bag.

Drivers nowadays tend to be made of an ultra-strong Titanium clubhead almost always coming in a 460cc head size. These large headed Drivers offer incredible power and forgiveness and if you match that with a super-lightweight shaft and you have yourself incredible swing speed to compliment that incredibly powerful clubhead and without doubt increase your yardage.

With the very latest Drivers including such technologies as moveable weights, lofts, lies and even having cavities in the rear of the clubhead who knows where the technological developments will end to increase your performance off the tee, however one thing is for sure InsureGolf will keep you up to date and in the know when it comes to the very latest Drivers at the very best prices.

Best Golf Driver 2013

At InsureGolf we strive to offer you the very best Drivers on the market and offer you a wide range of Drivers to choose from to get the most from your game and increase your confidence and performance from the teeing ground. We are Authorised Stockists of leading brands such as TaylorMade, Ping, Mizuno, Wilson Staff and many more to give you peace of mind the product you are buying is a quality product.

Golf Drivers Help

If you are unsure as to which Driver would suit your game or indeed have a question regarding loft angle, shaft flex, length, weight or anything else in relation to Drivers please do not hesitate to give one of our qualified PGA Golf Professionals a call where we can advise you which Driver would suit your game and of course your budget.

Golf Drivers for Sale

With InsureGolf you can have complete peace of mind that your new Driver is handled and packaged with care once you have purchased as we know and understand as Golf Professionals that tremendous feeling of teeing it up with your new Driver for the first time, that’s way we take great pride in our service and packaging to make sure your new Driver turns up on time and in one piece. Using ParcelForce your Driver can be tracked and traced and you can be confident of a reliable and friendly service.

Golf Driver Reviews

We know you love to hear all about what Driver A does in comparison to Driver B, so we test these Drivers for your benefit! No sooner do the latest Driver land on our door there is a ball pegged up ready to go on the practice ground sometimes even before! We review Drivers in our dedicated Blog Section to offer un-biased and constructive reviews to help you decide which Driver warrants that place in your golf bag.