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At InsureGolf we strive to provide you with the best golf clubs at affordable prices however we realise that you are all different. You have different tastes in brands, looks, feel and affordability so therefore we make sure you have the very best equipment at your finger tips but at the same time a wide variety of clubs to choose from. We stock many brands on our site including major brands like Ping, TaylorMade and Titleist, among many others and we are always expanding the brands we sell. Every product we stock and sell has passed through our PGA Professional hands both in testing and examining so you can be sure our products are to the very best standards not only in performance which gives you fantastic peace of mind when buying from us. We hope you enjoy perusing our catalogues of golf clubs, please keep checking back as we work continually hard on adding to and improving the golf clubs we offer to you.

Golf Clubs

Having a balanced set of golf clubs is of upmost importance to a successful golfer and as in most trades having the right tool for the job is a necessity! If you happen to have any queries on finding the right golf club for you then give us a call on our contact us page where we will be happy to give you our PGA Professional advice free of charge!


The clubs which arguably creates the most interest in sets of golf clubs are Drivers. The Driver is used from the teeing ground and the reason this club creates so much interest is simply it is the club which will hit the ball potentially the furthest in your whole set of clubs. There is a huge amount of technology within Driver design which is why within each product we have written our own informative description of the product to give you all the information you need to help you decide which one to buy.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are used for various different shots and can come in many head shapes, sizes and also many different loft angles. You would use these clubs either to tee off with on a long par three hole or maybe for safety on a tight par four hole. Generally however these clubs are used to hit an approach shot into a longer par four or par five holes. Fairway woods increasingly have low-profile face designs to aid hitting a higher and longer ball onto the putting surface ready for your birdie attempt!

Rescue Woods

A real god send, rescue woods have emerged as a golfer's best friend within a set of clubs and InsureGolf highly recommend them to be an integral part of your set make up. These golf clubs have various different names attached to them for example Hybrids and Utility Woods however they are all specific to the same area of your set. These clubs are designed to replace those hard to hit longer, lower lofted long irons that you just don't have any confidence with coming down the home stretch of your round. By using what looks like a half-wood design the manufacturer can move the clubs COG (centre of gravity) further back and lower in the club head to give you a superb high launching ball flight with fantastic forgiveness out of all kinds of lies whether on a tight fairway or in the rough.


The main bulk of your set will be made up of irons. A traditional set comprises of irons from 3-iron – Sand Wedge, however iron sets are constantly changing with golfers of all abilities demanding different things from their iron sets and the introduction of Rescue Woods and Speciality Wedges mean the traditional 3, 4, 5-irons and Sand Wedges may not be required by some golfers so, as a result we try and stock various set combinations to suit your needs. Irons are available in two shaft types, one being steel and the other being graphite. If you are unsure which is suitable for you please do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you our PGA Professional advice.


For most golfers hitting greens in regulation is a nightmare and a rarity and often a tricky chip awaits them once they have trudged up to the green in disappointment after knowing another bad stat has been created. Fear not my golfing chums! With the invention and development of speciality wedges playing a wide variety of shots around the greens can become no problem at all. With most Tour Professionals and indeed many of us here at InsureGolf playing three to four speciality wedges you can specifically target certain turf conditions, loft angles and specific types of feel and spin to create the shots you need to get up and down and save that par. Please take a look around our products pages and take a read at our product descriptions for more in depth details.


Putters are probably one of the most personal clubs in your golf bag but not only that one of the most important too. Arguably the club which you will be using under the most pressure this club needs to tick all the boxes when it comes to aesthetics giving you confidence and technology giving you performance. Putters come in all different head colours, sizes and shapes and our advice is go with what feels right for you, however do not underestimate the importance of alignment aids and face inserts as these are key features of a Putter that will help you hole out more and more.

Package Sets

Whether you're a golfer just starting out looking to purchase your very first set of golf clubs or you are an occasional golfer looking for a reasonably priced full set, package sets are a great place to start looking. Full of technology these clubs are made to compliment each other and promote a consistent feel throughout the set whilst ensuring design and performance are of the highest standard. We also have junior package sets available for your youngsters to get going in this fantastic game with various age groups; these are super lightweight and perform incredibly well.

Whatever golf club you are looking for, we will endeavour to do our very best for you to source quality goods that will perform and last the test of time and multiple seasons of golf. We hope you enjoy our categories and please keep checking back as we will update these regularly.