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Golf Balls

At InsureGolf we aim to provide you with a fantastic range of golf balls to shoot those handicap busting scores with. You can only do this if you have the correct type of ball and our in depth product descriptions written by our own fair hands will give you all the information you need to know regarding spin rates, launch angles and even how many layers a particular ball has!

A Brief History of the Golf Ball

The design and performance of the Golf Ball have come an awful long way from way back in the 16th Century when wooden balls were used by the game’s earliest golfers and were the only available choice up until the late 17th Century. The first big revolution in golf ball design came thanks to the feathery ball, a stitched leather skinned golf ball normally manufactured from three pieces of leather sewn together with an inner stuffed of feathers or the like. As you would expect performance was limited and flight irregular to the extreme and these new balls were extremely expensive and hard to manufacture with only a few per day being produced.

This all changed however around 1850-1900’s when the Gutta-Percha ball was designed and launched. The Gutta-Percha ball was made from the sap of a Malaysian Tree called the Sapodilla Tree which produced a rubbery sap. The completely round Gutta-Percha manufactured by heating and shaping the material whilst hot had its flaws however as the completely round spherical design battled against the effects of the wind and flew short, low distances. What golfers accidently noticed however is that when these balls started to scuff and wear, the indentations and scuff marks actually improved the balls performance and flight! so manufacturers started to make Gutta-Perch balls with textured surfaces and hey presto! the Dimples you use now were born.

In the 20th Century multi-layered balls started to be developed as the research and development into golf ball technology grew. These next generation golf balls started out with a solid or liquid core with a wound rubber inner and a thin outer shell. These balls really accelerated performance and durability but most of all it allowed designers to fine tune characteristics such as trajectory, spin and distance achieved.

Nowadays we enjoy phenomenal performance and maybe take it for granted but take it from us golf balls have come a long way and the current crop of Surlyn, Urethane, 3,4 and 5 layer golf balls have an incredible amount of technology within their make up to help you play better golf.

Golf Balls For Sale

We stock the very best brands, played by the biggest names when it comes to balls such as Titleist, Srixon, TaylorMade, Nike and Wilson to name a few. The brands we offer you produce exciting and unparalleled performance for you to enjoy for hopefully more than one round of golf! Whether its spin, distance, feel or even all three you may be looking for then we have a golf ball that caters for your game.

Within our product descriptions we aim to provide you with the most detailed but understandable technical information, so you can easily find a golf ball that matches what you are looking for. All of our golf ball options are in dozen quantities to help keep you well supplied for the rounds ahead.

Buy Golf Balls

Our easy and secure checkout process makes the process of purchasing your golf balls extremely easy however if you would prefer to speak to a member of the InsureGolf Team to place your order please feel free to pick up the phone and call us where we will be happy to take you through the checkout process.

Golf Balls UK

We stock a wide range of balls and strive to offer you the best deals possible on all our balls currently on sale. We currently deliver to the UK fast and reliably so you can be sure your new golf balls will arrive in plenty of time for your next important round of golf.

For anymore information please feel free to contact us