Motocaddy M1 Pro Electric Trolley Review

Building on the huge success of the current range of trolleys on offer Motocaddy have come to market with yet another industry leading design in the new Motocaddy M1 Pro Electric Trolley.

The M1 Pro Electric Trolley focuses on weight and size issues that most other electric trolleys suffer to deal with sufficiently, much to the dismay of the golfer. The M1 Pro weighs just 10.5kg and when folded has the ability within its design to retain the battery in its tray whilst folding down to incredibly small dimensions allowing this trolley to fit into the smallest of car boots and closets at home for incredibly easy storage. I tend to find most electric trolleys fairly heavy and a pain to move around however the M1 impresses me on this front.

The M1 Pro offers a sporty design supported by a strong two-bar frame available in both the popular Alpine White and Black colour ways. With a quiet 230 watt motor powered by options of a Lead Acid or new lightweight Lithium battery available in both 18 and 36-hole options the M1 Pro will eat up the yards in both a quiet and reliable manner while thankfully disposing of the annoying whine of old motors to accompany your 18 holes.

This new electric trolley from Motocaddy features various mod cons such as an integrated device cradle which can hold various GPS systems or range finders and includes an extremely useful patented USB charging port for those of you who require instant power to your hand held devices which I personally found very useful. The M1 Pro has a superbly thought out dual handle design with soft grips so whether your right or left handed full control over the trolley is guaranteed. As with other Motocaddy trolleys ADC (Adjustable Distance Control) is included within the M1 Pro which allows for precise distance control of up to 45m.

Many golfers when looking to buy a new trolley (manual or electric) can be apprehensive as to whether their cart bag of choice fits onto their chosen golf trolley both correctly and securely however with the Motocaddy M1 Pro you can be assured this is not an issue. The M1 Pro has fully adjustable bag supports both top and bottom accompanied by strong bungee cords to fix your bag snugly and securely to avoid the annoying twisting rotation that golfers find frustrating, the stability on offer here is simply superb.

Finally the M1 Pro incorporates an easy to use 5 step folding system which is made incredibly simple by brightly coloured tabs numbered 1 to 5. This allows for a quick, easy and repetitive way to fold down or erect your trolley time and time again.

In conclusion Motocaddy have cemented their place at the forefront of Electric Trolley design and function and the new M1 is a great addition to the range on offer. So if space is an issue and you want function, design and style the M1 has to be considered as your choice of trolley for 2013.

To purchase the Motocaddy M1 Pro Electric Trolley or see more images please click here.

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PGA Professional Golfer at InsureGolf. Read my profile here
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